Monday, November 23, 2015

Real Game Changing Insight For Naturalistas On College/University Campuses

Before the Thanksgiving Holiday begins, I wrote one more piece, published by Huffington Post, about Predominantly White Institutions, within the context of current Black student protests on college/university campuses.  You will find it here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/patti-r-rose/the-real-game-changer-for_b_8612606.html and it is entitled:

"The Real Game Changer for PWI's: Racially Diversifying Boards of Trustees and Administration"


I discuss naturalistas in this article.  Here is a brief quote from it:

"To make matters worse, the day-to-day experience may be disheartening for black faculty at PWI's. As an example, I have actually served as a faculty member at a PWI in which black faculty members, mainly women, felt that they could not wear their hair in natural styles because white colleagues/administrators might find it offensive/unprofessional. I mention this because I have a natural hair blog entitled Natural is Cool Enough (N.I.C.E.)--http://naturaliscoolenough.blogspot.com/. This blog led to formulation of a campus group, which advocated student empowerment and comfort in knowing that Natural IS Cool Enough on campus or anywhere. Black faculty members would also attend N.I.C.E. meetings, which were essentially support group sessions, and lament about their feelings of disempowerment on campus regarding their hair. It was as much of a problem for black faculty as it was for black students!"

Naturalistas, although our hair is a key focus of on this blog, as part of our discussion, we must also raise our voices and spread the word about other issues, with our hair in context.  I remain strong in my conviction, ass always, that Natural IS Cool Enough, on college/university campuses too--as Board members, Administrators, Staff and students.  Always!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paris, College/University Protests and Beyond--What In the World Is Going Down?: A Naturalistas Brief Reflections

     Naturalistas!  I have so much to say that I do not know where to begin, but I will be brief.  First, I just returned from Paris where I celebrated my 30th Wedding Anniversary.  I returned home one week before the awful events transpired there so I am still shocked that such a beautiful city has been so traumatized, given our recent joyous, wonderfully romantic time there.  I am deeply saddened in seeing the trauma experienced by so many people in Paris. There have been devastating events in other nations as well, namely Beirut, Nigeria and Kenya, without the same degree of coverage I might add, but my mind is on Paris, because I was just there and what we are hearing about every day, all day, just happened. This in no way means lack of concern for the people in the other cities. In fact, here is an interesingt article questioning the difference in focus on the other cities: http://fusion.net/story/233218/beirut-paris-kenya-media/.

    Regarding Paris, I keep thinking, what if we had arrived just one week later or just stayed a little longer, but then I realize that did not happen. We arrived home safely and my memories of our 30th wedding anniversary, a fantastic and memorable milestone, are actually beautiful, not personally tragic. So, in the midst of my sadness for the people of Paris and other cities where tragedy has occurred, below are some pictures and a video from our time in Paris, where we celebrated one of the most meaningful times of our lives, which perhaps provides a moment of positive reflection on such a glorious city.  This naturalista truly enjoyed Paris and I have deep compassion for all of the people who are suffering through this now. My prayers and thoughts remain with the people of Paris and anywhere on earth where tragedy and fear is present.

     Additionally and seriously important are the events associated with Black students at Predominantly White Colleges (PWI's).  I had to sort through my feelings and reflections on this issue also as I attended all PWI's and I love and adore Black students.  I love teaching them, talking with them, advising them and every aspect of their journey. So to that end naturalistas, here is an article that I wrote about Black students and their current concerns entitled: 

A Love Letter To Black College/University Students in Struggle: Is Ignorant Racism a Distraction?

     I will be writing again soon as there have been some naturalista hair atrocities that I have read about of late, so stay tuned.  In the meantime I hope these positive photos and a video of  our time in Paris will enable a moment of reflection on the beauty of this great city and the joy of long lasting love.

Paris: A Naturalista's Visual Reflections

In the cellar of the Charles Heidseick Champagne Vineyard in Reims