Thursday, June 3, 2010

Creativity, Natural Hair and Summer Updos For Various Lengths

This is my last of three posts on Summer Naturally.  The topic today is updos which is very appropriate since today, it was extremely hot in terms of weather.  The updo, was therefore imperative for me.  What is meant by an updo is basically wearing your hair so that it is above your neck. This is easy to accomplish with natural hair, whether your hair is short, mid-length, long, loose, braided or in locks.  Essentially, what is needed to achieve the best updo styles are bobby pins or clips, oil, shea butter or gel (your favorite moisturizers) and creativity.  Today, I took about a quarter size of shea butter, rubbed it into my hands, and then rubbed it into my hair thoroughly. I took my locks, which are mid-back in terms of length, and gathered them into a high ponytail (on top of my head) using a cloth headband to secure the pony.  I then split the locks into two sections and wrapped half in one direction and then the other half in the other direction (around the first section).  I then secured the lock bun with bobby pins, to ensure no loose ends were sticking out.  The outcome was very similar to the picture below, although I believe that her hair may be longer than mine, given that her bun is larger. This is a quick and simple updo style which can be adorned with a colorful band or scarf around the bun or however you would like to dress it up.

Another take on this is to leave the hair partially unwrapped, and let it sweep to the side as pictured below.  This was my style for an evening out.  There is so much variation that is possible.  The main goal is to have fun!

There are also a  number of wonderful updo styles for naturalistas who do not have locks as pictured below.
I hope that you will try some of these wonderful styles.  The most important thing is to  be creative, be willing to try new ideas and have fun in the process. The bottom-line is that N.I.C.E. for updos!

Here are some photos and videos to get you started.  Enjoy!

    and also for short hair http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubnFUkjHCCc

Some Photo Ideas





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