Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hair Scandal: Little Girl removed from Class Because of her Olive Oil Hair Moisturizer!

I will continue my Natural Hair Rules soon as well as the upcoming announcement of the final Summer T-shirt contest which will also begin soon, but I must interrupt these items to share this first.  An 8-year old little girl was removed from her class becase her teacher did not like her olive oil hair moisturizer. The Teacher claims that she is allergic to the product  The NAACP has stepped in on this one and her parents plan to pursue a  law suit. In the meantime, the little girl has been waiting for a decision to be made for her to return to her Honors Class.  This is beyond scandalous!  Take a look at this story and see what you think.  I have provided a video and article below for your review.  Perhaps this is an example of a statement that Natural is NOT Cool Enough in school, and that is a problem. 

Article with Video:

Second Article:


udee said...

I can't believe this! This teacher has some nerve! And the school, even more so! To eject a student from class and not inform the parents! Someone had better produce some medical documentation!

On another note, I have been following this blog: http://www.rippdemup.com/ for some time now and it always features the types of topics you may have interest in for your next book :)

Dr. Patti Rose said...

It's also important to note that the child was an Honor Student. It would seem that such an outrageous situation would not take place because above all else, her academics should be at the forefront. But in any event, it's a story to watch very closely. I agree that medical documentation is necessary. But then what?