Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Hair Stories of Carmelo Anthony and Hanley Ramirez

So, it seems that this dialogue about the hair stories of male athletes is a formidable one.  People have asked for other examples of my point about Bosh so here are a couple. There's lot's of speculation as to the reason why Carmelo and Hanley have cut of their locks.  Sometimes the decision is  mandatory.  For example, Hanley Ramirez, to his dismay, was advised based on the requirement of the Marlin's Manager, that he had to cut his locks undr the team's new rule of "professionalism".  Why is it that locks and cornrows are not considered professional?  Cornrows and locks are beautiful and natural. What does one's hairstyle have to do with the game of basketball or baseball or any other sport anyway?  The article, per this link, provides some insight into the Ramirez story: http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/blog/big_league_stew/post/Marlins-find-themselves-in-a-hairy-situation-wit?urn=mlb,151033

Beautiful to see Hanley's little one is still wearing his locks...

Then of course there is  Carmelo Anthony who cut his braids.  Some say it's because he lost a bet and others say it's because he opened a Barber Shop and wore his new cut to support his new business venture.  This article provides all of the speculative detail as well as a video relevant to the bet: http://www.bvonsports.com/2008/11/11/why-did-carmelo-anthony-really-cut-off-his-cornrows/  
The bottom line is that no matter the reason, using these athletes as examples, including Bosh from my last post, there is no doubt that brothers definitely have their hair stories. The conclusion ultimately is that they go through the same changes as women about their hair.  Should I conform or not?  Is wearing my hair naturally (in cornrows or locks as examples) professional? It seems that these kind of decisions place men, and in this case, athletes wondering, whether N.I.C.E. to which my answer is yes!

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