Thursday, June 17, 2010

Final Natural Hair Rules and T-shirt Contest

Recently, I took a brief journey and every where that I traveled, provided no respite from the heat.  So I continue to sport my updo and abide by my natural hair rules to get me through the summer, naturally.  So here, I will share with you the final of my list of a total of 10 rules. Remember, these rules are mere suggestions that I hope you will find helpful.

But before doing so, please note that the final (of the current lavendar and yellow), N.I.C.E. t-shirt contests is on.  After the winner receives this shirt, these colors will be retired for N.I.C.E. shirts forever!  So, I hope you will be a winner of this shirt.  To win, you must be a follower or sign on as a follower of this blog and answer the following questions.  The first to do so, by posting a response to this blog, with the correct answers, to the questions below, will be the winner!


1.  Who is the creator of the dolls in the post entitled "Black Dolls with Natural Hairstyles: Truly N.I.C.E.?
2.  What is the third natural hair rule?
3.   Tell us your hair rule (it must be different from rules 1-10 presented on this blog)!

Good luck and enjoy the natural hair rules below!

Natural Hair Rules: (7-10)

Rule # 7

Avoid Products That Make "Miracle" Claims About Your Hair Such as:

1. It will make it grow.
     2. It will thicken your hair.
   3. It will make it stronger.
You know the drill.  I am not saying that the claims are wrong for all products but the reality is that you generally do not have proof that the product can do what it says it will do.  So why not just stay natural with your products, stop trying product after product and love your hair naturally to growth, strength and thickness if that is what you desire.

Rule # 8
Do not put anything in your hair that you personally can't put in or take out and that does not enable you to wash your hair whenever you want to because it will ruin the style.

1. Extensions of any kind
2. Weave
If you can put either of the above in yourself and take it out, and you do not have to pay anyone to do it, then you might feel comfortable doing so.  But, at the end of the day, when you have a natural style and you are wearing your own hair as it grows out of your scalp, you don't have to be beholden to anyone else to take care of your hair and you can wash it when you please. 

Rule # 9
Be Mindful of What You Acquire In Hair Supply Stores

This rule brings to the forefront again, a number of points from previous rules.  Many of the products of Hair Supply stores contain harsh chemicals, mineral oils, make miracle claims, are over-priced and there are little to no natural products.
Suggestion:  Go to health food stores, go to the hair product aisle, read the ingredients of selected products and keep it natural. 

Rule # 10
If you must go to someone to get your hair done naturally and the person who is doing your hair puts on gloves before applying the product (with the exception of natural henna)
you may want to ask why or ask to see the ingredients of the product.

If gloves are needed to protect his/her hands from the product, what about your hair and scalp?
At the very least, you should have the opportunity to read the ingredients so you can decide if the product is natural enough.


Anonymous said...

i have a question....what is your opinion on Miss Jessie's products?

Dr. Patti Rose said...

I'm not familiar with Miss Jessie's products. Please send me a link or some info. and I'll give you my thoughts. I would have to begin by looking at the ingredients in the product.