Monday, June 7, 2010

Natural Hair Rules

Recently I read a book by Michael Pollan entitled Food Rules.  I was very intrigued by the book and immediately began to recognize how some of these fantastic rules for eating healthy and naturally could be transformed into natural hair rules.  So, here, I begin a series of three posts in which I will provide what I believe are Natural Hair Rules to strive for.  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on them, that is whether you agree or disagree and why.  So, the first three rules, out of a total of ten are:

Rule # 1:  Define your natural
  • Chemicals or no chemicals at all including hair product, hair dyes, extensions or no extensions, etc.
  • In defining YOUR natural you should decide what natural means for you.
To help you in your decision, I have developed a natural hair continnuum.  I hope it helps you decide.

a) no more perm (perhaps the big chop); wearing your hair completely natural or straightening hair with hot comb or flat iron only.
b) Using chemical products (shampoos, conditioners, dyes, etc.)

a) no more perm; no more straightening of any kind
b) wearing braided extensions or sister locks
c) using natural product only

Completely natural
a) no more perm
b) hair is worn in the texture in which it grows out of your scalp such as braids (you own hair, no extensions), locks (your own hair), Teeny weeny afro or other natural style.
c) natural hair products only

Rule # 2: What Would your African Ancestors recognize about your hair? If your ancestors would not understand the texture, avoid whatever process is necessary to achieve the unrecognizable texture.

Imagine your pre-slavery, African ancestors (if you are African American, Brazilian, from the Caribbean or any of the nations where Black people dwell in the Americas and their ancestors were slaves) seeing your hair texture today.  Would they understand the texture?  Would it appear to be your natural hair to them? Would the texture make sense to them?

Rule # 3:  Avoid hair products that contain ingredients that you have no idea what they are such as Pollan's advice for natural food ingredients which is if a third grader can't pronounce the ingredients, don't use it/

Why not try shea, jojoba, natural oils, citrus, aloe and products with only all natural oils.  They're out there or you can make you own.

Stay tuned for the next three rules which all are in line with the concept that N.I.C.E...

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