Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Journey to the Gulf: A Crying Shame

From time to time, I must deviate from my discussion of hair to talk about pressing issues.  Once again, it is necessary to do so as I continue to follow what is happening in the Gulf.  I recently traveled to the Gulf Coast region and the pictures below show what I saw which was appalling.  We visited Pensacola and Gulfport /Biloxi where oil had clearly stained the beaches.  I was able to witness oil in the water, tar boils on the beach, clean up crews, media presence and very disheartened communities.  The most heartwrenching aspect of it all was standing on the beach in 90 degree + weather and not being able to get into the water because of the oil.  This will definitely hurt the fishing, hotel and tourist industries in the areas affected and prevent tourists from coming to the areas.  You could feel the sadness of the people while walking around.  It was so difficult to see little children who had come to the beach with their parents, longing  to go in the water only to be told that they could not venture in.  My heart also goes out to all of the sea life and birds so greatly impacted by this awful tragedy. Below are some pictures of what I saw.  This is what happens when there is an oil spill and reckless disregard for the beautiful environment.  Truly, if Natural Is Cool Enough (in this instance, our natural ocean) then why destroy it?


Ron W said...

I am amazed at the way some areas are handling the problem so differently. The warning signs at the beaches should be at every one of the beach not just one state. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Dr. Patti Rose said...

Yes, I agree. But it seems that whether the warnings are up or not, people stay away from the beaches and out of the water. The warning signs seems to provide clarity, however, but also create tension and fear. In a nutshell, no matter how it is handled it's all just awfully sad.