Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tourists and Braided Styles on Caribbean Beaches: What does it mean?

Recently,  I took a trip to the beautiful location, Punta Cana, of the Dominican Republic.  It was truly a relaxing, ideal environment for a lovely vacation break with my husband.  As I strolled the beach at our resort, I noted, as I have often noticed at other resorts in the Caribbean, that European women (both American and from abroad) were getting their hair braided and adorned with beads on the beach by Black Dominican women.  This always strikes me as interesting because my question is why?  Natural hairstyles, including braid,s are becoming part of the mainstream at this time for Black women, but are generally not worn by women of European descent in America or abroad leisurely or in the work place in their non-vacation life.  So why are braids with beads embraced during resort vacations in the Caribbean?  The braiders are obviously trying to earn income from tourists.  So, I clearly understand why they offer this service but the question is what about those who get the braids?  Does this mean that there is an actualfondness for braids and beads that only surfaces while vacationing or what?  Seriously naturalistas/everyone,  I actually don't have an answer for this. It seems that what happens in the Caribbean, for some, stays in the Caribbean in terms of natural hair.  Any thoughts that you have will be enlightening!

Model Heads Advertising Braided Styles

Exampled One After Braiding

Example 2 After Braiding

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