Sunday, June 23, 2013

Isn't Natural Always Cool Enough?: A School Apparently Doesn't Think so!

Sometimes, certain actions by others are unfathomable.  Before I share the information which is the subject of this blog, I will begin by saying that when I was a young girl,  Afro Puffs, Afros and other natural do's were considered beautiful and the norm, although many argued that the perm was the only way to go and I, unfortunately, experienced that mentality, which was forced upon me until I was of age to make my own hair style decisions. My decision was to wear my hair naturally and have done so for over 20 years.  People weren't wearing weaves, as an example, when I was growing up and in fact,  if a wig was worn by a Black woman it was usually a secretive scenario, causing speculation and questions such as "is that her hair?"

Currently,  there is a resurgence of natural hair styles.  Young girls and women are wearing their hair naturally and beautifully free-styled, locked, braided, twisted and beyond.  So today, I share with you a story,  per the link below, in which it has been determined that to wear one's hair naturally is NOT cool enough, which is very problematic.  Why, from any rational vantage point, would afro-puffs, braids or any other natural style be banned by a school? Seriously?  Your thoughts on this atrocity are welcomed.  What would be the rationale for anyone, to take a position other than Natural is ALWAYS Cool Enough?


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