Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In Singapore, Natural Is Cool Enough: No Stares or Glares Because Diversity Rules!

    My last entry was about my exciting trip through Asia at which time I was in Bali.  I began my journey, with my husband, t in Singapore City, Singapore, then Bali, followed by five weeks in Guangzhou, China and then I headed to Phuket and Bangkok, China.  All the while, I had my eyes on natural hair, thinking of sharing what I saw and experienced with N.I.C.E. readers.  I want to begin with Singapore, City, Singapore and each post that follows will take us on a different journey.  

What I found is that Singapore City is  a wonderfully diverse place with a very interesting symbol which is the Merlion.  The Merlion is a mixture of a lion and a fish and here it is:
     The Merlion, although an odd creature found in the river in Singapore City and on t-shirts, hats, all kind of souvenirs and beyond, has a wonderful mane and is interesting beyond the imagination.  There was so much that was wonderful to see, do  and eat in Singapore City.  Below are some photos just providing a glimpse of the experience.

    Also, do note that during my time there, I did not feel, even for one moment, that my hair was an oddity.  I was not stared at, there was no "may I touch your hair" or anything like that.  It was a beautiful environment of diversity and kindness and a place I would definitely return to.  So the conclusion is that in Singapore, Natural Is Cool Enough!  That's N.I.C.E.!

The cool hangout spot by the Singapore River called Clarke Quay

Singapore is all about "going green!"

Major shopping spots!

A Muslim Community...

A Shop in an Indian Center of Singapore...

Diversity Abounds!

Dancing in the Mall...

Good Sentiments for the People everywhere...


Hindu Temple

Singapore Fashions!  Cool!
Rose Petal Creativity!
The Singapore Sling--Yes it was invented there!  Delicious!

A River Runs Through It...The mall that is!

A Hawker Station...Awesome, quick food at incredible prices!
The subway...no worries about "falling on the tracks"...glass doors closed before the train arrives...

A Cool Walkway...
A Shoe Vending Machine!
A Very Interesting Hotel next to the Ferris Wheel..

Chicken with Rice....Sooo Good!

Sister Acknowledgement! 

Creative Mannequins!

Hubby Moment!
Cuba in Singapore!

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