Monday, December 8, 2014

Natural Is Cool Enough Joined Miami Protesters from the Heart, Mind, Body, Consciousness and from the Roots: Stand Up Against Injustice!

     Rather than a lazy day, which is often what I prefer on Sundays, I attended a protest rally, with my husband, which began in the Wynwood area of Miami, in the middle of the Art Basel festivities, on the last day of the art venture.  Interestingly, we had been at Art Basel, gazing at art for the entire evening, the night before.  But the next day, at 3:00, a Protest Rally was scheduled, to deal with the atrocities committed against Black people, namely the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases, in which the Grand Jury for each of these men, did not indict the officers who killed them. These are just a couple of cases of many, which is tragic.  Therefore, Miami folks joined the cadre of protesters from around the nation, indicating, with strong voices, in no uncertain terms, that Black Lives Matter.

     As a point of clarification, in regard to Black Lives Matter (#Blacklivesmatter), which has become a hashtag, organization and oft repeated protest phrase of late (along with "I can't breathe," the last words repeated by Eric Garner, and "Hands up don't shoot," as Mike Brown was said to have his hands up, per some witnesses, when he was gunned down on the street in his neighborhood) there has been some concern about the use of this term.  Some will say, not only Black lives matter, but all lives matter.  It is clear that all lives matter, but what is not clear is, if all lives matter, why so many Black people (men and women) are being killed by the hands of the police.  The term #Blacklivesmatter is referring to the fact that in addition to everyone else, Black lives matter too, as equally as any other lives.  It's shameful that time has to be spent explaining this in the midst of all of these Black lives that are being brutally ended (boys, girls, women and men) but nevertheless, there is a tendency to nitpick rather than stay focused on the core issue, which is in these cases, the death of Black people per the hands of the police. A very poignant moment at this rally was when Trayvon's Martin's parents joined us and spoke to the crowd.  Our hearts were with them as we listened to their words.

    I do believe that pictures are worth a thousand words, so below are many images of the Miami rally. It was a strong, courageous, intense event, that I am honored to have attended. It felt comforting to stand in the midst of so many people (with my husband by my side) who were of all ages and races and who made a decision, on a beautiful, sunny day in Miami, to march for over 4 hours while demanding justice for Black lives lost and at the very least, making it clear that we will be heard because yes, Black lives matter!  Also, I must mention, in the spirit of N.I.C.E., that there were many sisters and brothers there, adorned with their natural locks, braids, freestyle kink, afros and beyond reinforcing consciousness from the roots making it clear that in any and every situation Natural Is Cool Enough.  I was proud to be there exhibiting that level of consciousness, with my locks.  The struggle continues!


Trayvon Martin's Dad
Trayvon Martin's Mom


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