Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What the Natural Hair Is Going In?: It's Time To Tell Our Stories!

Of late, to my dismay, I have been reading stories about mainly young Black women who are being chastised for wearing their hair naturally, namely, in braids, afros and other natural do’s. Essentially, they are wearing their hair in various styles, per the texture of their hair as it grows out of their scalp.

It is time to collect our stories, essentially our hair narratives. If you have been humiliated, harassed, shamed, embarrassed, isolated, shamed, criticized, or treated/spoken to negatively in any way for wearing your hair naturally, anywhere, anytime or anyplace, by anyone, this is an invitation to share your story with comments. Also, enlighten us about how you handled the situation because above all #LetsTalkAboutSolutions. There is a place in history for these important stories so that generations to come will know how the hair of Black people, in its natural state was viewed in our society. This effort will also serve as an opportunity for us to tell our young sisters, in the articles below, that we love them in all of their natural hair glory and that we are not accepting of what they are experiencing.

In your natural hair glory, I support you, young sisters.
 I hear your stories and I care.
Always know that no matter who says otherwise, anytime, any place or
Natural Is Cool Enough!
Through your stories, the Natural Hair Narratives have begun,
and we know that based on the beauty and history of our natural hair,
in terms of this natural hair war nonsense, we have already won!


Share your story, knowing that doing so is happening within a warm embrace of support because we must deeply believe that in terms of our natural hair, Natural Is Cool Enough and of course, that is N.I.C.E.! We cannot be accepting of this continued crisis of denigration. Let’s send our young sisters and brothers love so that stories like those above and the one below will no longer be just another piece to read but a call to action to ensure that this happens no more. Through our stories, let’s understand, what the natural hair is going on and move towards solutions.


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