Friday, August 20, 2010

Scenting our Natural Hair with Essential Oils: Lotus Oil Contest!

Per my last post, I shared the details of a wonderful trip that I recently took to Egypt.  I am still basking in the enlightenment of this trip as I continue to read all of the wonderful books that I bought from there as well as many other wonderful items.  One item that is particularly special is pure lotus oil from the lotus flower.  The smell of it is so wonderful and special that I absolutely must share it.  So I am having another contest!  Win Egyptian Lotus Oil in a beautiful Egyptian glass bottle to scent your natural hair!  How?  Here are the rules:

1. You must be a follower of this Blog, so if you are not, sign up!
2.  Share your natural hair story...how did you transition to natural hair? (if you want to add pictures, I will add them if you send them to me by e-mail). If you shared your story before, update us.  Winning something on this blog in a previous contest does not mean you cannot win again.
3.  Tell us what you know about the Lotus flower and its relevance to the Ancient African Egyptians and why you think this oil will be a wonderful fragrance for your natural hair. 

Deadline for Entry is Saturday, August 28 at Midnight!

I will select a winner and your Egyptian Lotus Essential oil in an Egyptian glass bottle will be on the way!  Have fun!

Below is a picture of the beautiful lotus flower that I took in front of the Cairo Museum (which holds most of the artifacts of ancient Egypt) and a Papyrus piece of Lotus flowers presented to Isis by Ramses II (my favorite piece which hangs in my home).



Wanda said...

Hello, I am so sorry that I have not seen your blog in a while. Looks like you had a wonderful trip to Egypt. Do you plan to restart yor contest again. I would love to try some lotus oil in my hair. Do you use it on your locs. I have thic locs, do you thik it would work on my hair? Love ya, be blessed.

Dr. Patti Rose said...

Hi Wanda,

Sorry but the contest ended...Maybe next time. As for lotus oil, I do use it in my hair as a scent for my locs. It smells so incredibly beautiful. So, after I wash my locs, I twist them with shea butter and then I pour a small amount of lotus oil into my hands and rub the oil into my locs. The wonderful smell of lotus flowers remains in my hair all day long. I can smell the gentle fragrance in my hair and so can people who pass by me and I often get wonderful comments such as "you smell great," "love that fragrance, what is it?" and more....Lotus oil is truly for Natural Queens :-).