Sunday, August 22, 2010

Natural Hair Book: Get Read on!

Naturalistas!  There are a number of excellent books on natural hair and I thought that providing you with a list would be very helpful to continue in your wonderful experience of knowing that Natural is Cool Enough.  This list is not a novel idea because a number of Blogs that focus on natural hair have moved forward in preparing a list so I thought I would just share their links with you so that you can see the lists and get exposure to other Blogs (if you haven't already) which focus on natural hair.  So, the list of links is below.  It is so exciting that so many books have been written about the subject of late.  I hope you will find several to choose from and absorb the detail, especially for those of you who are transitioning and still in need of support or who just want insight and information regarding maintaining your natural hair.  I will try and update you with information on books often. Enjoy!

First Blog:  Don't Worry Be Nappy!  http://www.tytecurl.com/v02/hairbooks.htm
( Has a list of 10 books (including children's books) about Natural Hair).

Second Blog:  Coco and Creme!  http://cocoandcreme.com/2010/07/natural-hair-summer-reading-list/
(Has a list of 5 books about Natural Hair)

Third Blog:   Althea Prince, Ph.D   http://altheaprince.com/default.aspx
(Focuses on Dr. Prince's Book, The Politics of Black Hair!

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