Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Natural Hair Makes it to the White House and then Rocks the Grammys!

Awesome new artist Esperanza Spalding wears her hair natural and beautifully whether she is at the White House or the Grammys. Her performances are amazing but let's take a moment to praise the sister's tresses!  Fabulous! Taking home the Grammy as the 2011 best new artist, we must applaud her courage to rock her natural and let the world know that yes, Natural Is Cool Enough.  That is definitely N.I.C.E.! Her comment below says it all:

On her natural hair story...

"I've been natural my entire life! My mother didn't believe in relaxers, and vowed never to put lye on her child's scalp. Lye is very toxic and your scalp is among the thinnest skin that you have on your body. The harm this stuff can do should not be taken lightly. I've never had a relaxer, and I never will.These days I’ve just been using shea butter, I usually use olive oil. I don’t use any products, I wash it with some soap and rinse it off, put some olive oil on it and brush it as often as possible and I just moisturize it with shea butter and olive oil and it never seems to do me wrong."

Esperanza, you are truly a natural hair Queen!  A big salute to you for wearing your crown, gloriously!


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