Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Tribute to a N.I.C.E. Naturalista: RIP Wanda

    On March 14, 2011, I announced the first winner of the N.I.C.E. T-shirt Contest and her name was Wanda.  I reconnected with Wanda about a year ago on Facebook. We both attended the same high school and began chatting and talking about Natural Hair, both knowing that Natural Is Cool Enough.  Wanda entered the N.I.C.E.  T-shirt contest with the story below which was inspiring to many.  Today, I learned that this wonderful Naturalista passed away and I was shocked and devastated. Her energetic spirit and dynamic personality will never be forgotten.  I am still numb after learning that someone so full of life is gone. As a tribute to her, it is my honor to express that she was a true Naturalista, glorious in her natural beauty. Thank you Wanda for being a member and embracing these pages and you will always be number one at N.I.C.E. May her spirit always soar knowing that while she was here with us she embraced her true natural beauty and knew that Natural Was Cool Enough and that is N.I.C.E.!  With loving memories, please review Wanda's comment below:

March 14, 2010

Winner # 1 of "What to Do With My Natural Hair" N.I.C.E. T-shirt Contest. Congratulations Wanda!

Written by N.I.C.E. member Wanda:
When I first went natural, I wore wigs most times because I didn't know how to style my hair along with the fact that it took me three hours to comb out the naps. Once my hair became too long for the wigs, I started wearing, what I call fake twists using Bob Marley hair braided in. Then when my hair was shoulder length, I went for the Dreadlocks that I always wanted, I especially love when my dreadlocks are cornrowed. I only use three products on my hair. I started out using any type hair (grease) product that had tar in it. It was the only thing that healed my scalp from the damage that was caused by perms and manifested itself in the form of psoriosis. I also used SoftSheen-Carson Wave Nouveau, Moisturizing Finishing Lotion. My main product that I use and has helped my hair look like the indian that I thought I had in me is a product called Taliah Waajid from Black Earth Products, Protective Mist Bodifier.

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