Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beauty: Homage to a N.I.C.E. Couple!

Ossie Davis, who was a fantastic actor and activist, wrote a wonderful poem (see below) that pays homage to the beauty exhibited in remaining true to your natural state, in which he mentions hair. Today, I saw a couple on Facebook, the young lady who I know as a childhood friend, and I immediately thought of this poem.  Seeing the two of them, pictured below, with their natural locks, looking so fabulous together, made me pause and think of that poem and reflect on how this couple is a testament to N.I.C.E. in their natural glory.
Natural Is Cool Enough for this lovely couple!

I find, in being Black,
a thing of "Beauty";
like a joy; a strength;
a secret cup of gladness ...
a native land in neither time nor place ...
               a native land in every Black face! Be loyal to yourselves; your skin; your hair; your lips; your speech; your laughing kinds are Black kingdoms, vast as any other.
n-- Ossie Davis

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Cynthia said...

Really beautiful poem..true and powerful