Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pi Nappa Kappa Natural Hair Sorority: That's Cool Enough for N.I.C.E.!

     When I went to college, the first thing my mother made me agree to was that I would never join a sorority.  She never explained why, but as her obedient daughter, I obeyed her command.  In retrospect, and based on some of her comments, I believe she was concerned about the possibility of hazing.  So, I went through my four years as an undergraduate student, as a non-sorority member and then passed on the same advice to my daughter,  although, with the caveat, of course, that ultimately it was to be her decision.  At that point, I felt that if I had made it through college successfully without joining a Greek organization then perhaps my daughter should follow in my footsteps.  Now I learn that there is a new "Greek" natural Hair Sorority.  Again, as I have done many times, I explored why Black people in America develop and join organizations that have a Greek reference (in terms of the name) rather than African. I have found a number of perspectives on this.  So, here is an article that endeavors to provide a rationale, which is at the very least compelling and that is worthy of sharing.  The title of the article is: Why Blacks Call themselves Greeks and can be found at the following link: http://malikfraternitysheffeyadmin.wikispaces.com/file/view/Page+from+Blackworld,+V.+15,+i.+01+-+19870216.pdf

The Key quote from this article is:

"Greece was a culturally diverse,  pluralistic society  of various ethnic  and  racial groups  - much  like the  United  States today.  However,  the citizens  were  mostly dark-skinned and brown people."

So, my conclusion regarding Pi Nappa Kappa, as it relates to Natural Hair, culminates from a number of perspectives but ultimately from what the sorority actually seems to be about.  It is my understanding that there is no hazing involved. My mother, who is now deceased, would appreciate that.  The term sorority, per Pi Nappa Kappa,  is only used to imply sisterhood and this new sorority promotes natural hair, which aligns with the notion that N.I.C.E.   So, ultimately, the Pledge associated with Pi Nappa Kappa is positive (see below) and the group is in agreement with the perspective that Natural Is Cool Enough.  Conclusion: That's N.I.C.E.!

Pi Nappa Kappa

As a member of the Pi Nappa Kappa Natural Hair Sorority, I pledge that:
1. I am a smart, special, valuable person! 2. I respect myself and I respect others. 3. My words and actions are kind and honest. 4. I will respect the dignity and essential worth of all individuals. 5. I will promote the diversity of opinions, ideas, hairstyles and backgrounds which is the lifeblood of the sorority. 6. I will promote a culture of respect throughout the natural hair community. 7. I will not tolerate bigotry, discrimination, violence, or intimidation of any kind. 8. I will practice personal integrity and expect it from others. 9. I will always be proud of my natural born hair.10. I accept only my best in all I do.
I am PROUD to be ME!

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me said...

I was impress with the fact that they wanted to start a Sorority that was based solely on sisterhood and not hazing and Drinking. And there motto was inspiring so I had to be a part of this movement!!