Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Maintenance and conditioning with Henna: A N.I.C.E. Hair Treatment

So today, as I prepare to celebrate my husband's birthday, bake a key lime pie from scratch and organize for upcoming travel, I am embarking upon  deep conditioning of my locs.  I began by boiling water in my favorite tea pot, getting out my wooden spoon, a ceramic medium sized bowl, and some henna.  My purpose for gathering these ingredients and items was to mix the henna with the hot water, to a creamy smooth texture, and then apply generously to my locs.  Subsequently, I placed a clear plastic cap on my head and went to my patio to enjoy the bay view while allowing my hair to soak in the henna and warm sunlight for deep conditioning.   Then, after leaving the henna in for hours, I will wash my locs with a creamy shampoo, then add a creamy conditioner followed by twisting and braiding (three locs) per braid.  When that is accomplished, I will creatively put my hair up for a creative updo...whatever moves me as I organize my locs in the mirror.  This is not ordinary maintenance for my locs but a treat because I have been swimming frequently and in the sun every day.  My locs were feeling a bit dry today so I wanted to give them a conditioning boost.  I will also rub some shea butter in my hair before twisting and braiding using the gel to hold them in place. I have posted some info. from previous posts to provide you with more insight on the detail above.  Remember, besides conditioning, Henna provides beautiful color too.  The Henna I used is Persian Dark Brown which is basically the color of my natural hair.  Although I have locs, if  you do not have locs, henna should work in your hair beautifully too!  My overall assessment of Henna is that it is a definite plus for those of us who support the notion that N.I.C.E.!
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