Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Modernity Abounds: China Cultural Moments!

As promised, here is another brief post about China.  Although my last post about my trip to China emphasized natural hair and how it is viewed there, this one will simply share photographs, which provide glimpses of the overall experience. I don't believe that it is possible to capture such a vast and comprehensive culture with photographs, of which I have so many. The magnitude of the country is beyond the camera lens. It is important to note that since I've been back, I have heard some comments about China that I just did not find to be true. What I found is a different, interesting and unique culture where the food is outrageously delicious, the people are modest, gracious and kind, the cities are extremely modern and contemporary and the mixture of old and new architecture, art and culture is compelling and intriguing.  So, rather than words alone, below are pictures in this deviation from my discussion of natural hair.  Enjoy the photos and my next post will bring us back to natural hair elaborating on the emphasis of this blog which is N.I.C.E.!

One of many modern malls in Shanghai

Delicious Buns!

The Bund Area in Shanghai

The Bund Area in Shanghai

A Pagoda in the City of Shanghai

A Panda napping at the Shanghai zoo

A Chinese family that wanted a photo with me...a request that happened often

A lotus flower...one of many beautiful flowers

Hong Kong at Night

One of many delicious meals

One of many innovative carts

Another innovative cart...

Another example of delicious food...

One of many beautiful fruit stands...

The great wall on a rainy day

Another innovative cart...

Shanghai at Night...

Bamboo Steamers

The Pudong Area...

Tiffany's Ad...
An Awesome Louis Vuitton store next to Cartier and other designer stores...

The Bund area at night...

Terracotta Warriors in the city of Xian

Beautiful garden in Xian
Model of Shanghai
Bullet Train
Birds Nest from the Olympic Village in Beijing
Beautiful Performance at Summer Palace in Beijing
Chinese Opera in Beijing

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