Monday, October 6, 2014

Natural Is Cool Enough in Nairobi, Kenya: The Natural Hair Revolution is Global!

Similar to the United States, in Kenya, Black women spend a great deal of time and money on maintaining their hairstyles.  Formerly, perms and weaves had become very popular in Kenya.  But as stated by a  woman named Monica Wamaitha, who works in a Salon in Downtown Nairobi:

“I decided to go natural because I want to be myself. I don’t want to perm my hair or put weaves because I want to be myself with my natural hair,” she said. 

For more detail on this wonderful and rapid change that is taking place on the continent of Africa in Nairobi, Kenya (East Africa) check out the article at this link: http://www.voanews.com/content/kenya-women-saving-time-money-with-return-to-natural-hair/2434762.html

Per this article some of the reasons the Kenyan women expressed a return to natural hair include hair damage and scalp burns from chemicals, the desire to use natural products as a result of fear of getting cancer from chemicals in hair products, natural hair is more cost effective, weaves are considered "too plastic," and natural hair is easy to maintain.

So Kenyan sisters, no matter the reason, N.I.C.E. is enthusiastic about your return to your natural hair because the natural hair revolution is on and the movement towards natural hair is going global! That's, of course, N.I.C.E.!

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