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KICCN (Kickin') It by "Keeping It Clean, Cheap and Natural": Easy Natural Do's with a Product Minimalist Approach!

     In our fast paced society, what most Black women want is to be able to style their hair in an attractive way, efficiently and effectively.  There are so many ways to do this but if you spend time on-line, especially on YouTube, trying to sought this out, you can get overwhelmed quickly.  So in an effort to help, I am undertaking a search for N.I.C.E. and easy do's that anyone should be able to handle, for short, medium and long-haired tresses.  I will not get into locks for this piece because that will be a separate post.  I have locks and play around with my styles all the time but for now I am speaking to the unlocked sisters.

KICCN (Kickin') It

     Per the prior post to this one, I shared information and posted videos about washing your hair, cornrows, 2 strand twists and simple, individual braids.  These are the essentials, which all Black women should learn how to do for your natural hair. But I want to begin now by discussing products.
It is my belief that the discussion of products is out of control and that in a nutshell, we all need to calm down about them.  For some reason, when we decide to go natural, all of a sudden we get into a product frenzy and begin the search for the "holy grail."  I wrote a post or two about the "holy grail" hair product before but in this year, I am abandoning that notion.  The new approach that I want to suggest is to Keep It Clean, Cheap and Natural (KICCN--pronunced Kickin') in terms caring for your hair.  The acronym KICCN is a variation on a term created by some young naturalistas from the UK who started a website, which is all about natural hair.  Check them out here: http://www.theunitedkinkdom.com/2014/06/video-updates-kickin-it-with-kinks.html  I actually found them on-line after I came up with KICCN, but nevertheless I want to give these fabulous sisters credit as we are definitely in sync, naturally!


     What I suggest is finding an inexpensive and hopefully all natural creamy shampoo and conditioner (if you can get them combined that's great). Also, I suggest getting some 100% coconut oil or 100% shea butter for a moisturizer and call it a day. Some prefer olive oil, but I personally think the smell is too harsh so it is my third choice, but the key is a natural moisturizer that you like. Shea butter can be a little on the expensive side bu the good thing about shea/coconut oil is that you can use it on your hair and all over your body and coconut oil has a lovely, sweet smell. If you search around, you can find both at a very reasonable price.  I buy my shea butter from a local Farmer's market and it is excellent and 100% natural. Whole Foods and other stores also sell shea butter and coconut oil.  So, the key is wash, condition and moisturize with minimal product. The goal is to become a product minimalist.  Once you have done this, you are ready for styling.

KEEP IT NATURAL ( 5 Videos Below of Easy Do's and an Encouraging Natural Hair Journey!)

Below, you will find videos that I have selected which all represent the notion that Natural Is Cool Enough and they provide simple ideas and adhere to the concept of KICCN it!   I also added a video of a young woman's fantastic natural hair journey.  She used to be one of my students so I'm delighted to showcase her very interesting journey.  Enjoy!

1. High Messy Bun For Thin, Short, Natural Hair

2.    Twist Out Method 101: How-To and Maintaining

3. Wash-N-Go

4. Natural Hair Braid-Out (No Products Used)

5. An Encouraging Natural Hair Journey

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