Thursday, March 26, 2015

A N.I.C.E. Shout-Out to Beauty of the Black Woman and the Yellow Rose Society!

     Recently, I was invited by the President of the Yellow Rose Society at the University of Miami, Phalande Jean (who is also a Co-Founder and President and CEO of PhaJenn, LLC), a fashion accessory company, to discuss "Beauty of the Black Woman: A Conversation On The Perception of Beauty Through Time."  I am thrilled to give this presentation because the topic is so meaningful and important. 
Phalande Jean, President of the Yellow Rose Society, UM
Jennifer Pierre and Phalande Jean, Co-founders of PhaJenn,
a fashion accessories boutique.
For more information visit: http://www.phajenn.com/info/

Their company, PhaJenn, LLC, was also featured in Distraction Magazine. 
Check out the article here:  

I have given presentations for this organization as an invited speaker 
in  previous years because I love the fact that they are;
 "a community service organization of [emerging majority] women that 
strive to promote female pride by self-enrichment and social education." 
This is very much in-line with Natural Is Cool Enough as the goal of this 
Blog is to do the same.  

For more information about the Yellow Rose Society,  check out this link: http://www6.miami.edu/studorgs/

Since many N.I.C.E. readers are not in the city of Miami and are reading from other cities, states and countries and may not be able to attend, I will update you on this exciting event after it takes place.
Also, below is a list of The Yellow Rose Society's upcoming events for Women's History Month 2015,  on this fantastically creative and interesting poster.  A yellow rose has never looked so beautiful!  In the context of the event for which I will serve as the Featured Speaker (see flyer above), be sure that amongst the discussion of beauty of Black women inside and out, over time, I will also talk about the beauty of Black women's hair because without a doubt, Natural IS Cool Enough and of course that's N.I.C.E.!

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