Monday, March 16, 2015

N.I.C.E. Says YES to LovingCulture: A Natural, Holistic, Beauty, Organic Product Line!

    One of the most exciting aspects of having a natural hair blog is the opportunity to find and share new, natural and healthy products for our hair. As my readers know, I am a product minimalist and have vowed to keep my bathroom counter uncluttered with products that are not necessary, unnatural and costly.  Therefore, when I find something great, I am excited and ready to share with you so here it is!  I met a young woman at the wonderful 7th Annual Health Disparities Conference (http://www.tc.columbia.edu/healthdisparitiesconference/) recently, who is a graduate student at Teachers College, Columbia University where the conference was held in March, who also has a line of all natural products for the hair and body. She is smart, interesting and vivacious and when she talks to you about health and keeping our bodies healthy, she exudes contagious enthusiasm.  She is a young mother and began her foray into what matters for our bodies to ensure optimal health for her young son.  In that process, she used her expertise and knowledge to extend what she learned to others, through an entrepreneurial venture.  I will focus here on her hair product only as I purchased it and I'm using it, daily.  For more detail on this product and all of the others, visit this website: www.LovingCulture.com.  The Founder and CEO of LovingCulture, LLC is Mary-Andree Ardouin-Guerrier and I want us to begin by looking at her beautiful hair per her picture below:

     Her free and natural style is a clear example of beautiful, healthy and natural hair.  Don't you often wonder when you see such gorgeous and healthy hair, how was that achieved? Again, what is so great about her product is that not only did she create it for herself, but she was savvy and caring enough to make it available to others.  My daughter, who is also a TC graduate student, told me about this wonderful product, so when I arrived in NYC, I was eager to acquire it and try it.  Let me say that the results are fabulous!!!!  I believe that keeping our hair moist, naturally, is the key to length and manageability.  So with the all natural ingredients in LovingCulture's oil product for the hair, I am able to use it and keep my hair wonderfully moisturized, soft and continue with the growth that I have been experiencing of late, since I made a decision not to cut my locks again, at all.  This is the product that I purchased, "Hair Growth and Repair Oil" with a little info. about it:

I love the wonderful glass bottle (no plastic) with a dropper for ease of use. The following is contained within: 

     Seriously, with those fantastic, organic ingredients, there is no wonder that the result for my hair has been fantastic.  Every time that I use it, which is everyday at this point, I feel certain and know that I am doing something wonderful for my hair. It feels strong and moist, leading to twisting with ease and a lovely, long-lasting shine.  Consequently, this falls into the category of a product, in my minimalist approach to product use, that embodies the notion that Natural Is Cool Enough, and of course, that's N.I.C.E!  I hope you will share your experience with this product, with N.I.C.E., when you try it.   I'm sure N.I.C.E. readers would love to know your thoughts.  To order the hair oil and other products (at fantastically reasonable prices) created by LovingCulture here is the shopping link: http://www.lovingculture.com/shop/  Enjoy!

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