Friday, April 2, 2010

New Book on Natural Hair Care

There is a New Book out on Natural Hair Care. The author is a Harvard educated Lawyer (who also graduated from Harvard .  The author states the following:

"Frustrated and tired of wasting money and time, she set out to write a guide to help other women struggling with their hair. Like many black women, Chris-Tia says she grew tired of spending thousands of dollars and hours upon hours frying her nappy tresses into submission. After 25 years of trying to realize an unattainable beauty standard, Chris-Tia decided to finally let go of relaxers, wigs, weaves, and extensions and embrace her kinky hair for what it was in all its natural glory. But learning how to take care of it wasn't easy; her search for answers resulted in "Thank God I'm Natural: The Official Guide to Caring and Maintaining for Natural Hair."

For further information, just click on the link below.  This is truly N.I.C.E.!

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Laquita said...

I'm reading this now - so far it's very interesting and informative :o)