Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Natural Is Cool Enough Is Transitioning!

Natural is Cool Enough is about to make a wonderful transition!  After all, transition has been one of the main themes of N.I.C.E..  So the next step will be a transition to all things natural including natural hair, natural foods,natural cosmetics, natural travel, natural health and beyond! For all of the members and followers of Natural Is Cool Enough, stay tuned and expect to be enlightened and informed and look for the wonderful changes coming soon!  Natural Hair will remain a primary topics but taking the natual concept further will only serve to enhance who we are...true Naturalistas!

As a transition gesture and one more opportunity to share your fabulous hair journey, N.I.C.E. is giving away one more T-Shirt and the last of the "natural hair" t-shirts.  They were a limited edition, never to be made again, so get yours now and remember, Natural Is Cool Enough, always...

Contest Rules:
1. You must be a member of  N.I.C.E. to enter so step one is to sign up!
2.  Write your hair story and how you made your transition/journey to natural hair.
3.  Be one of the first three people to post your story.
4.  One winner will be selected from the three.
5.  The first person to receive a comment on their story will be the winner!

The T-shirt is below!  Good luck!

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