Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beyonce's Stocking Shocker!: Happy Natural Thanksgiving to All!

Beyonce has caught the eye for many people throughout the world for her talent, grace and style.  There is no doubt that she has all of those characteristics and a phenomenol voice.  Two groups, that particularly pay attention to her are young Black girls and women, who have the daunting task of trying to fit into a society that is often times reluctant to accept their natural features.  I was quite surprised to hear Beyonce announce on the view that she wears four pairs of stockings to keep everything tucked in while performing.  Hence, the body image that she provides is one that conforms to many tricks of the performance trade. Check out her comment on the view per this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dssvrw8nkr4

Her honesty is appreciated and it would be wonderful if those who admire her, particularly the two groups mentioned above, could hear this loud and clear.   Additionally, there are questions about her skin tone, or at least how cosmetic companies portray her per the pictures below:

The question is, why is her natural skin color not good enough in the world of hair and cosmetics?  What kind of message does this send to young women and young girls?  Why is it that the beautiful skin tones of Black women, based on their natural hues and vibrantly kinky hair styles are "white washed" and straightened? On Thankgiving day, Beyonce, a beautiful sister will perform during her television special.  Her music, style and grace will be evident and we should be proud of her success.  However, on that day, to every Black woman watching her, also be thankful that a greater success, will be  if you can look in the mirror at your beautiful natural skin color and your wonderfully natural hair (if it is in the texture that grows out of your scalp) and say wth pride, Natural is Cool Enough.  That you should be thankful for, because it says a lot about your fantastic self-esteem and level of consciousness and that is N.I.C.E.! Happy Natural Thanksgiving to all!

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