Monday, November 25, 2013

Is There a Natural Hair Revolution Going On?

Have you noticed that in television advertisements and in other forms of media, when you see a Black woman or little girl, generally she is wearing a natural style including locks, free flowing afro/curly, braids, twists, etc.? This leads me to ask the question, "is there a national hair revolution going on?" So, to truly explore this question, I, along with one of my students, have developed a quick survey to find out your thoughts about this.  This survey is quick with just 10 questions.  Here is the link for the survey.

(If you are a University of Miami  student/graduate/affiliate, please do not complete this survey as we are reaching out to you from other venues with the same survey. Thank you)

I look forward to letting you know the results.  N.I.C.E. wants to know what you think!

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