Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Natural Hair is Never a Distraction: A N.I.C.E. Reaction in Support of A Young Sister!

Once again, I feel compelled to write an article about another young Black woman who has been shunned because of her beautiful, natural hair.  The first instinct, when reading something like this, is to ignore it because this kind of thinking about one's hair, as it grows out of ones's scalp is so blatantly ignorant that it doesn't warrant discussion (see article per link below).  But then, why let something like this happen without addressing it, so here I go.  The hair of the young lady in the article is clearly beautiful and a clear indication that for her, Natural Is Cool Enough!  N.I.C.E. affirms her strength and self-esteem while taking a clear position that wearing one's hair naturally is beautiful.  It is not a distraction.  Conforming to the hairstyle choice of the dominant group in society does not make you less of a distraction or professional or anything of the sort.  What it does, namely conforming to the hairstyle choices of the dominant group, is implied in the first word of the latter sentence and that is a mere subjugation of yourself to meet the criteria of what others deem is "most appropriate" or less distracting to them, based on some kind of bizarre societal perspective.  For some, altering the texture of one's hair, from it's natural curl to straight through chemical or other means, is simply about style or trying to be professional but the questions are whose style and who determines what is professional? Who makes those decisions?  This alteration is most definitely a personal choice but when a child is told that she must conform by cutting her natural hair or leaving school, based on the fact that she is wearing her hair as it grows out of her scalp, that is a problem.  Does everyone who has hair of a certain length have to leave?  What is the length and how is that determination made and by whom?  Clearly, if someone's hair is distracting others because it is in its natural state, then those individuals do not have their attention span situation together, which is a personal problem.

So, N.I.C.E. salutes this young lady, 100%, for having the self-empowerment strength and encouragement to wear her hair in a beautiful, natural style.  It makes me proud to see her do so and I hope this is the case for others.  Your natural hair is not a distraction but what it is meant to be...a beautiful, wonderful aspect of your being, that some others have not been able to come to terms with, because of their own shortcomings.  Ignore them, keep your head up high and keep your natural hair flowing as you so choose.  If someone doesn't like your natural hair, simply and powerfully tell them to avert their eyes...essentially, don't look at it, and definitely don't touch it!  Rock on little sister with your fabulous natural hair! Natural Is Cool Enough, in any setting! 

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