Saturday, December 1, 2012

Introducing the N.I.C.E. "Holy Grail" Hair Product Holiday Contest!

It is that time of year to spend extra time with loved ones, give and receive gifts and look our best for the holidays.  For Naturalistas the goal is to do so naturally.  Recently, I have been involved in conversations with naturalistas about transitioning to Natural Hair, what to do with their hair (before and after transitioning) and most importantly, what is the "holy grail" of hair products for Natural Hair?  As many of you know, from previous postings, my favorite product is Shea butter.  I use 100% natural shea butter from Africa as part of my natural hair regimen . Shea butter keeps my hair soft and provides that lustrous shine.  It is not the only item that I use but if I had to choose a "holy grail" of hair products, for moisture, condition and shine, for my natural locks, shea butter is my selection.  What's yours?

So, here is the contest announcement:

Share a one paragraph description of your "Holy Grail" natural hair product including:  1) how you use it and why,  2) where we can find it,  3) the cost and 4) why you think it is perfect for natural hair.  The key is that your product must be 100% natural.  Your entry must be submitted by December 15, 2012.  The winner will be selected by N.I.C.E. on or around December 20 and will receive a
16 oz. tub of 100% Natural African Shea butter as a holiday gift for your natural tresses along with a lovely scented surprise (hint: BVLGARI)!  Submit your entry by commenting on this Post with your paragraph.
Note:  You must be a member of  N.IC.E. to participate.  So join today if you are not already a member and let's search for that Natural Hair "Holy Grail" for the Holiday Season!
For the Winner, your gift will be on the way...Good Luck!

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