Monday, December 10, 2012

  Prizes for the Natural Is Cool Enough "Holy Grail Hair Product"  Holiday Contest!

The Prize is a 16 oz. Tub of Shea Butter and BVLGARI Soap

Only 4 Days Left to Enter! Use the products for yourself or give them as a gift.  Shea Butter is wonderful for your hair (and body) and BVLGARI soap has a wonderful fragrance.

Share a one paragraph description of your "Holy Grail" natural hair product including:  1) how you use it and why,  2) where we can find it,  3) the cost and 4) why you think it is perfect for natural hair.  Your product must be 100% natural.  Your entry must be submitted by December 15, 2012.  The winner will be selected by N.I.C.E. on or around December 20 and will receive a
16 oz. tub of 100% Natural African Shea butter as a holiday gift for your natural tresses along with a lovely scented surprise (hint: BVLGARI)!  Submit your entry by commenting on this Post with your paragraph.
Note:  You must be a member of  N.IC.E. to participate.  So join today if you are not already a member and let's search for that Natural Hair "Holy Grail" for the Holiday Season!
For the Winner, your gift will be on the way...Good Luck!


Lovely_Fatima said...
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Kawanda F said...

My holy grail natural hair product is organic virgin coconut oil. I use it in my hair as a sealant, as a moisturizer, and as a part of my deep conditioner concoction. It keeps my hair feeling soft & moisturized and gives it great shine. You can find it online or in the organic section of a grocery store. It costs between 8 to 10 dollars for a 16 ounce jar depending where you buy it from. Its great for natural hair because it helps your hair retain moisture. And it smells so good!