Monday, May 3, 2010

Natural Hair in Ads Continues

Today, I noticed per an on-line banking advertisement that once again a Black woman with natural hair is depicted.  This continues my perspective that an appreciation for Black women's natural hair is going mainstream.  I also thought it interesting that the depiction below is in the context of "Live Green. Get Green" and that the women is in a field of grass with flowers all around her.  It appears to be recognition of the natural aspect of this woman, namely her hair, in alignment with the earth (going green).  What are your thoughts about this?  Is a natural movement taking place in terms of advertisements?  I will continue to keep you posted on this because I think it is N.I.C.E.


udee said...

I think what's more interesting is the textures being featured when natural hair 'goes' mainstream, as is the case in this ad. Yes, people are becoming more comfortable with the natural-haired look, but I still feel mainstream media is yet to be comfortable with the tighter-curled sisters, whose hair textures resemble what is popularly found on the Continent.

Am I being too picky? Perhaps.

Dr. Patti Rose said...

I tend to agree with your perspective. It appears that in the ads, the styles are more of the twist-out styles or "loose" kinkiness which is quite beautiful but perhaps not "tightly-coiled" as you point out. I will continue to look out for the tighter-coiled sisters but in the interim, check out the new posting...similar style but perhaps getting closer.