Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Excerpt from My New Book!

Below is an excerpt from my new book from the chapter entitled:  Cultural Competence and Women of Color (Chapter 11):

"The natural hairstyles worn by African ancestors and some Black women today enabled/enable them to avoid scalp burns, hair breakage,and hair loss that often result from using harsh products to straightentheir hair. As a result, some Black women of every generation have chosento wear their hair naturally, regardless of trends, and natural hairstyles,such as locks, repeatedly resurface in the mainstream and are worn with extreme pride. Thus, health care providers should consider this history and the importance of hair for women of African descent as an example of an important cultural concept. Specifically, disregard for the importance of understanding the significance of an African American woman’s hair and how to to discuss it can lead to a serious cultural insult." pg. 134

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