Monday, March 29, 2010

Short Natural Hairstyle Ideas!

Saturday, I went to the UniverSoul Circus which was fabulous!  The majority of the performers are of African descent and many are from around the world.  What I noticed, which was very exciting, is that all of the Black women (with the exception of one) performing in this circus, had their hair in a natural style...locks, braids, short styles, etc. Many of the Black performers are from Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States.  It was so beautiful to see these beautiful African, male and female, performers, from all over the world, doing high wire acts, amazing gymnastic activities, a black man in the ring doing tricks with 7 tigers and beyond.  This brings me to the point of trying to maintain strenghth in belief in ourselves when trying to proceed with natural hair.  Some of you may be struggling because you are concerned that after doing the big chop, or deciding to transition to natural hair, that your hair is short.  That is ok. Short styles are fabulous and leaving your hair natural will ensure that it will grow.  It takes patience.  Although the women in the circus were  performing and it was not a hair show, per se, seeing them in natural styles was inspiring, especially for the little Black children (and adults) who were looking at each of the performers with wonderment.  Each time we walk out into the world we our natural hair, confidently, we inspire and that is N.I.C.E.  So I have attached a link for a video of how you can rock a short style with confidence knowing that Natural Is Cool Enough!


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