Sunday, March 14, 2010

Share Your Natural Hairstyles Contest!

Would you like to win a Natural Is Cool Enough (N.I.C.E.) t-shirt?  The first three people to share their Natural Hairstyles will be winners!  Just comment on this post with your style. Please tell us the name of your style (locs, cornrows, twists, afro,etc.), what you use to keep it groomed (product that you buy or make) and how you maintain this style.  This will be an opportunity for "Each one to Teach One."  Since I started this blog, many people are now asking me this question "How do I wear my hair in a natural style if I just don't know how?  So, here is our opportunity to share and a chance to win a fabulous FREE t-shirt too...Looking forward to your style! If you would like to share your picture just e-mail it to me and I will post it.  Below Please find my style as a start!
Lovely Locs
My hair is now in what I call lovely locs.  After washing my locs, I take a about a "quarter size" of shea butter and put it in the palm of my hand.  I rub it together and then rub the shea butter over all of my locs.  Then I use a natural product called Twist in locs which contains (pure honey wax, aloe vera extract, lanolin rosemary and fragrance) to twist, beginning at the root, to twist new growth, and twist all the way down to the end of the loc. Sometimes I braid my locs for a few days and get the crinkly look which I love. Then I just let it go free with a part on the side or a part in the middle, or put it up or wear a head band...basically whatever I feel that day...knowing that Natural is Cool Enough...loose and crinkly like my photo at the top of this blog site. Looking forward to your styles...and t-shirt winners!


Wanda said...

When I first went natural, I wore wigs most times because I didn't know how to style my hair along with the fact that it took me three hours to comb out the naps. Once my hair became too long for the wigs, I started wearing, what I call fake twists using Bob Marley hair braided in. Then when my hair was shoulder length, I went for the Dreadlocks that I always wanted, I especially love when my dreadlocks are cornrowed. I only use three products on my hair. I started out using any type hair (grease) product that had tar in it. It was the only thing that healed my scalp from the damamge that was caused by perms and manifested itself in the form of psoriosis. I also used SoftSheen-Carson Wave Nouveau, Moisturizing Finishing Lotion. My main product that I use and has help my hair look like the indian that I thought I had in me is a product called Taliah Waajid from Black Earth Products, Protective Mist Bodifier.

Dr. Patti Rose said...

Fabulous Wanda! You are the first winner of the "Share Your Natural Hairstyles Contest." After we receive the fifth and final entry your t-shirt will be mailed. Since this will be your second time winning a shirt, please feel free to give your t-shirt to someone else and help spreading the word that Natural Is Cool Enough (N.I.C.E.)Congratulations! Your Detail is wonderful. Please share more information about the Protective Mist Bodifier, Taliah Waajid from Black Earth products. If you e-mail a picture of the product or provide a link it will be posted on the blog.