Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Should Michelle Obama Wear Her Hair Naturally?

This question of whether Michelle Obama should wear her hair naturally is quite a heavily discussed topic.  For some it is a complicated question because essentially, it is mired in politics due to the fact that she is the First Lady of the United States.  So let me clarify my question.  Do you think the First Lady of the United States should wear her hair maintaining the texture of how it grows out of her head?   Below is an article that explores natural hair and black women thoroughly entitled, "Black Hair Still Tangled in Politics.":


Also, consider the pictures below.  How would you feel if you saw Mrs. Obama with the President in public (perhaps at a State dinner or at an international event) with her hair like or similar to this?

Then, consider Mrs. Obama with her natural hair in the images below?  For the First Lady of the United States Is Natural Cool Enough? It seems that Barack Obama (now President Obama) definitely thought so when he met her and that's N.I.C.E.!
(Note that the first picture is her baby picture and picture number four is her prom picture (before she met Barack)


udee said...

Despite this being an age-old topic, it really still baffles me how the decision to wear one's hair naturally is one of political value! My afro MEANS something...it represents and points to concepts bigger than its size upon my head! And now concerning Michelle, it's like we're saying: what does this mean for Black women in America and abroad if the First Lady decides to do the Big Chop and grow her hair without using chemicals?


Even though I'd like to say, I don't care either way, we cant ignore the unfailing repurcussions. Nevertheless, it should not matter! Dare I say, hair is hair...yet we all know the discussion is never that simple...

Sylvia said...

I am Black British and I am natural and at the end of the day it should not matter how Michelle Obama chooses to wear her hair so long as she is happy with herself. My mum is now relaxed but when she was younger her hair was natural, she was even married with a fro and she's about the same age as Michelle. When they were growing up many black people had an afro and dreadlocks, it was the fad at the time. Hair is just hair and as black women we need to embrace and respect how we all wear our hair from braids to weaves and relaxers to wigs and plain old natural tresses. I am not my hair.

gloo6 said...

Although this should not be an issue, unfortunately it is in the USA. In many corporate settings, and even ordinary job settings, natural african hair is considered unnacceptable. For this reason, it would be a great benefit if the First Lady would take a stand in style and legitimize natural hair for the nation!