Monday, June 18, 2012

Another Sister Professional Who Rocks...Naturally: Melissa Harris Perry

Our Next Sister Professional Who Rocks....Naturally, per the N.I.C.E. series on these courageous women, is  Melissa Harris Perry,  a Professor at Tulane University (formerly at Princeton and University of Chicago), a television host on MSNBC and an author of a book entitled Sister Citizen that I will use as a text book for one of my courses, and my own entitled Cultural Competency for the Health Professional  per the link that follows:   http://www.jblearning.com/catalog/9781449672126/).

Cultural Competency for the Health Professional
For more information about this dynamic sister that rocks her hair naturally, visit her website at http://melissaharrisperry.com.  To hear one of her lectures that focuses on her new book, check out the first video below. In her second video below, she provides a "crash course" on Black Women's hair. Note that although there is reference here to her book and her videos below, my comments per this post, are strictly about how she wears her hair and her courage from that vantage point from my perspective.  It is, of course up to you to determine whether you agree with her commentary regarding hair, her political views, her perspectives about Black women and beyond.

N.I.C.E. Salutes you Melissa Harris-Perry for having the courage to wear your hair in a natural style in the classroom as a Professor, on television as the host of your own show, as you discuss an array of hard-hitting subjects, and as an author of a new cutting-edge text. Your courage encourages us and helps us to know that Natural is Cool Enough in many professional venues.
You are a courageous Sister Professional Who rocks...naturally!
 Rock on Sister Harris-Perry!

In This Video, Harris-Perry Gives a Crash Course in Black Hair

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