Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sister Professionals Who Rock...Naturally

Although times are changing and we see professional Black  women rocking  natural hairdos in offices, classrooms, court rooms, on television, in board rooms and beyond, it is still an emerging goal for some and examples of such confidence is helpful.  So, I am beginning a brief series, starting with this Post, highlighting Sister Professionals Who Rock...Naturally.  The first in the series is someone who I met recently.  She is a dynamic woman with attributes of professionalism beyond the ordinary.  Her name is Marilyn Holifield.  She is an Attorney (Partner) at the firm Holland and Knight and was named by Black Enterprise Magazine as one of America's top employment lawyers. She was also named one of South Florida's most successful and promising Black business women by Network Miami Magazine.  The link that follows provides her extended biography:  http://www.hklaw.com/id77/extended1/biosMHOLIFIE/

You are a Sister Professional Who Rocks...Naturally and N.I.C.E. Salutes You!  Your Courage Encourages us and helps us all to know that Natural is Cool Enough in the Court Room and the Business World!  Rock on naturally Sister Holifield!

photo of Marilyn Holifield

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