Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting Your Hair Finances in Order, Naturally

As we sit on the verge of a deepening economic crisis, with ongoing debates about whether we are in a recovery or recession and as we wait to see if Greece will pull out of the Euro, if Spain will falter financially after a massive bailout and if Italy and Portugal will be next, who has time to discuss hair? It's actually not a trivial matter given that natural hair provides a wonderful opportunity to get your financial house in order, at least in one key aspect of life, which is very costly and that is hair maintenance. There is something to be said about looking in the mirror, after washing your own hair, using a lathery, yet inexpensive shampoo, that you've shopped for carefully, paying attention to the all natural ingredients. In fact, you can make your own natural shampoo and conditioner.  Just go to You Tube and search for "making your own natural shampoo and conditioner" and you will find an abundance of information. Here is one example:

Once you have washed and conditioned your beautifully natural hair, dry it thoroughly with a towel followed by further air drying. There is no need to use your electricity to blow dry it. Ahhh...the savings. This is also an opportunity to get in touch with your natural roots, literally. Run your fingers through your hair while it is wet. Add a natural oil, namely olive oil, to the palm of your hands, rub your hands together and then rub the oil into your hair, and scalp or try Shea butter...either will work. Then gently comb through or brush with a soft bristled brush, while your hair is still somewhat wet. Then twist or braid and let your hair relax, naturally. If you have locks, skip the combing and twist while your hair is damp. So far, all is totally cost effective and you are embracing the fact that it is not necessary to spend significant amounts of money to be natural. Once your hair is dry, go back to the mirror and style. Play around with different ideas that are uniquely you. Embrace your natural beauty and texture and most importantly the fact that wearing your hair naturally allows you to be frugal in these tough economic times and that is N.I.C.E!  This is a time to celebrate our natural creativity and the fact that no matter the financial crisis in this country or this world, each one of us wears a crown, naturally! Check out the pictures from the link that follows per the Coiffure Project and be inspired! http://trustyourphotographer.com/portraits/coiffure-project/

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