Monday, August 6, 2012

The Amazing Gymnast Gabby Douglas Shares Something in Common With Beyonce and Oprah: Possibilities of a N.I.C.E. Transition?

Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas is indeed a young woman who truly has shown the world that she has what it takes to achieve.  After all, she won two gold medals in the Olympics and she is a 16 year old Black girl doing phenomenal gymnastics and is now the best all-around female gymnast in the world!  C'mon now...this is fantastic and clearly should be celebrated.  Unbelievably, what has been talked about most, however, is her hair. So since I blog about natural hair, I thought I would be remiss if I didn't comment about this hair ordeal that Gabby finds herself in after making world history.  Honestly, my initial thought was that, gymnastics aside, because she has that under control for sure, braids, in an updo would have been the way to go for her.  Why?  Because it would've have been a N.I.C.E. look at the Olympics for her which speaks volumes in terms of all of the world seeing a young Black woman embracing her natural tresses.

However, no matter how strong my commitment is to natural hair, I had to ask myself, how trivial is this, really, in the grand scheme of things for Gabby?  The history of hair for Black women in America is a long and painful struggle and consequently, there are expectations regarding how a Black woman should wear her hair when in the public eye. However, if the criticism regarding her hair, exceeds the praise for her gift as an outstanding, phenomenal gymnast, then somewhere along the way, emphasis has been misplaced.  So my take on this situation is that Gabby has to  use the same inner strength to get past this issue, namely the discussion of her hair, to direct the world to focus on the magnificent skills that she has in gymnastics and not let the distraction that has been placed on her regarding her hair, prevent the world from recognizing her gift, her talent, her skill, her abilities, her strength, her commitment to her sport,  and the fact that whether one likes her choice of hairstyle or not she is a role model to young Black girls, and girls in general, all over the world.  N.I.C.E. salutes you Gabby and will wait patiently for your natural hair transition, with hopes that you will go in that direction, while supporting your success in the interim. After all, N.I.C.E. has noticed other transitions.  For example, Beyonce was spotted with her tresses in braids, which is not a first for her, but a relatively rare "natural style" sighting.  Possibly a N.I.C.E. transition is on the horizon.

Also, Oprah will grace the cover of her magazine, in September of 2012, in natural form, which is clearly a transition from how she is normally presented, in terms of her hair, on the cover of her magazine. Possibly a N.I.C.E. transition?

Clearly, these talented ladies are gradually evolving/transitioning, in the public eye, naturally, so let's give Gabby a chance to embrace her natural roots as she did as a little girl (see pictures below).

In the interim, You Go Gabby!  Gold all the way! N.I.C.E. embraces and supports you for making us proud!
 For Gabby's comments regarding her hair and the commentary about it, check out this link: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/70916722.html

And by the way, why was there no uproar about her teammate's hair? (McKayla Maroney) She wore clips, gel and a style similar to Gabby's? It seems that it is not the hairstyle but there is a desire by Gabby's hair critics to see her sport a natural do...
Desire for a natural style for Gabby is a clear indication that many of her hair critics support the notion that Natural is Cool Enough for the best female gymnast in the world which is N.I.C.E.!

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