Monday, August 13, 2012

Sisters in Spain, Naturally!

This summer, I  had a wonderful experience in Spain with my husband in Madrid, Barcelona and Toledo.  I was delighted to see, particularly in Barcelona, Black women wearing their hair in beautiful natural styles.  Although I saw some with perms and weaves, most wore their hair naturally including braids, locks, short cuts and just kinky, natural and free. I also noticed in advertisements in the metro stations and beyond, where Black women were included, that natural hair was prevalent. So below are some photos of Sisters in Spain, naturally!

Natural Is Cool Enough in Barcelona at the beach...

and on La Rambla

  ....in the park

and strolling down the street....

And of course I added to the natural hair mix in Spain, sporting my locks in Madrid...

Barcelona (swimming in the Mediterranean)...
 and in Toledo.

In Spain, definitely, Natural Is Cool Enough!

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