Sunday, August 19, 2012

Giovanni's Gloss, Shine and Leave-in Treatment: End Summer Naturally!

As I near the end of summer, I realize that my hair has been on a tumultuous journey.  There has been lots of swimming (in both the ocean and in pools), intense sun exposure, weather changes due to travel nationally and internationally, hats and wraps, hennas, moisturizing, twisting and braiding of my locs, updo's and free flowing styles. So, to try and replenish my hair, I went on a search to find two products that would boost my hair with both vitality and shine.  I found those products and I want to share them with you.  The first is VitaPro Fusion Protective Leave-in Hair Treatment by Giovvani.  What I love about this product is the ingredients and the fact that it is for all hair types. It is also certified organic and contains natural ingredients, which include rosemary, nettle, thyme, birch leaf, chamomile, sage, St. John's wort, coltsfoot, balm mint, horsetail, red clover and grapefruit seed extracts.  In short, it is filled with lovely herbs.  So I bought this product and tried it.  It is light and cool and it's a spray bottle so I just spray it in.  It feels light and refreshing and makes my scalp feel soothed and moisturized.  There is no residue left on the hair so after styling my locks, I spray with Vitaprofusion and go!  This product definitely gets rave reviews from N.I.C.E.!

The next product to share with you is also by Giovanni.  In addition to conditioning my locs, I also want them to shine.  So I found a second product by Giovanni called Shine of the Times, High Gloss Hair Mist.  I am also very pleased with this spray because it accomplishes one goal that I am happy about.  It makes my locs shine! Again, the product is Certified Organic and contains Soybean protein, rosemary, nettle, wild bergamot, california poppy, rose hips and sunscreen.  I am pleased about the natural ingredients so when I am ready to step out and need, glossy beautiful shine, without that oily, greasy look or feel, I just spritz with Shine of the Times, which also gets a N.I.C.E rave review!
It took a lot of effort to find these products after trying several others that I was not happy with.  I also make mix and prepare my own oil concoction for my hair, which I think is a wonderful way to go, especially in these economic times when it is prudent to be financially conscious. But sometimes, a little splurge can go a long way!

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