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Accessorizing and Adorning our Natural Style: N.I.C.E. Says Yes to Torched by Natalie!

There is a new company that N.I.C.E. is ready to bring to your attention so here goes the story.  My daughter, graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), some time ago (her Natural is Cool Enough Hair Story, "Strike A Pose," can be found here: http://naturaliscoolenough.blogspot.com/2010/05/strike-pose.html)  and while there she met a wonderful friend named Natalie who is an Attorney, who was also completing her Master's at HGSE.  So, fast forward a few years later and my daughter is successfully teaching and Natalie has a day job as a Human Resources Professional and has started a FABULOUS jewelry line (check out "About Natalie" here: http://torchedbynatalie.com/page.html) and her boyfriend is her web designer. The ring below is one of her pieces, and she named it after my daughter, the Courtney Rose ring.  So you know I ordered it!  It's just beautiful with the infinity swirl (also known as a bow) and the pearl which is my daughter's birth stone.  I have provided a link for the company, entitled Torched by Natalie, and info. about this gorgeous ring directly below.  So how does this relate to N.I.C.E.?

Relevance to N.I.C.E.

Now, as I scrolled through the TorchedbyNatalie website, I started thinking about the importance of adornment and accessories to accentuate natural hairstyles and I found a number of her pieces, as examples, that would serve to set us on fire, in a beautiful way, once we finish styling our natural do's and are ready to accessorize.  The first is this gorgeous headband. I can definitely see this worn as a crown on hanging locs or as an updo or any natural style.  It's elegant and chique and definitely receives rave reviews from N.I.C.E. 

Just picture the headband adorning these styles, as an example, 
or this:

The other really cool aspect of TorchedbyNatalie is that she makes some of the jewelry herself.  Take a moment to read her story and get some insight on how this all started and then consider further the N.I.C.E. additional picks below for accessorizing.
Her Torched story in brief:

Additional N.I.C.E. picks from Torched by Natalie:

Ok, back to accessorizing: I particularly like this piece entitled The Tribal Dance Necklace.  The earthy colors and textures will definitely accentuate any natural do an this necklace can be worn for any occasion.  I have also added this one to the N.I.C.E. list!

Info here:
The Tribal Dance Necklace

Picture stepping out with this beautiful necklace with a natural do like this:

or these styles..

The next piece to add to the N.I.C.E. TorchedbyNatalie selection is The Flame Thrower Necklace.  Now tell me that one would not be on fire with a natural do, perhaps a shortfro, long locks, a sassy natural updo or whatever you prefer with this beauty around your neck.  Fabulous!

Info. here:
The Flame Thrower Necklace
Picture thsi necklace with this short and sassy style,
natural hair styles

or this...

My last pick, is the The Double Striped Lace Bracelet.  Although my list is not exhaustive because there are so many more of the Torched pieces that I love, this one really speaks volumes.  It is gracefully understated yet bold and would be a simply elegant edition to that wonderful little black dress that we all have in our closets.  Picture a coiffed short cut or sassy curls, and a gentle accentuation on the risk.  You'll be Torched for sure with this one so another N.I.C.E. pick!

Info. here:
The Double Striped Lace Bracelet

Picture this bracelet on either of their wrists:

So I have given you the N.I.C.E. picks that get rave reviews for their potential to accentuate our classy styles with our natural do's.  Now I recommend that you visit the website yourself,  http://torchedbynatalie.com/index.php, and make your own selections so you to can get Torched by Natalie!  Enjoy! Also, check out her blog to find out which red carpet fashionistas have already been Torched! 
N.I.C.E. definitely says YES to TorchedbyNatalie!

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