Monday, August 27, 2012

It's In Your Hands: Money Saved by Styling Your Own Hair, Naturally

Once again, the prices at the pump have risen!

 Unemployment remains on the rise and costs for almost everything that you need has increased including groceries and beyond. 

Saving money is a plus during these times and one way to accomplish this is by taking care of your own hair, naturally.


When I was a teenager, I mentioned to my mother that I wanted to learn how tho do extensions, after having my hair braided at an African Hair Braiding Salon in Harlem, NYC and paying a lot of money to have it done.  My mother told me to try it  on a doll so I could practice.  Excitedly, I bought some synthetic hair, pulled out one of my dolls from childhood, which my mother had saved, and I tried adding extensions to her hair.  After trying a few times, I was amazed that braiding in the extensions, cornrowing, single braids without extensions and preparing other styles on the dolls hair, all came to me naturally.  I asked my mother, how come I was able to do this and she stated the following:  "It's In Your Hands."  What she meant by this is that braiding and cornrowing and handling of hair naturally, had taken place in the hands of my African ancestors and knowing how to care for my hair, consequently, came natural to me.  After realizing all that I could do with the dolls hair, I started doing all kinds of interesting things with my own hair.  I added braided extensions, cornrowed my hair, braided it without extensions and ultimately my natural hair decision was locks, I absolutely take care of my own hair and never spend a dime to let anyone style it.  When I think about how much money I have saved in taking care of my own hair, I am very pleased!

So, how do you get started if you are not doing so already.  My recommendation is to simply wash your hair and condition it, towel it dry and then look at your hair in its natural state, in the mirror.  Then use whatever you need to get started (comb, brush, moisturizer, etc.) and just go for it without hesitation.  If you know how to braid or twist, start there.  If not comb it out and wear it freestyle.  If that doesn't work, just play around with it until you can walk away from that mirror with a natural style that makes you smile.  The  most important thing is not to be afraid or worried about what other people may think about your created styles.  You have to be naturally you.

Think about how much money you are spending now for a stylist and products and how much you would save if you did your own hair. Every time you go to a salon or buy a hair product within a month, write it down.  Multiply your expenditures by 12 and figure out how much you spend, on average, per year on your hair. You may be shockingly surprised.  Yes, it may be a luxury to have someone else do your hair and even a social or relaxing time for you.  But imagine what you could do with all  of that money if you did it yourself including gas, high quality food, travel, saving...essentially, whatever you choose.

So, below are some pictures of natural styles, including freestyle, locs, braids and beyond that you may want to try.  You don't need a tutorial or videos or books or anything to move forward in styling your hair.  Just remember all you need to know to take care of your hair naturally.  It's in your hands!  That's N.I.C.E.

Natural Hair Style 2           

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