Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kerry Washington, Viola Davis and Other Shonda Rhimes Actresses: Show Us Some N.I.C.E. Kink!

     Over the past few days or so, I have been glancing at all of the rage about the articles written by the New York Times writer who used the term Angry Black Woman in regard to Shonda Rhimes. Oh no she didn't (hand on my hip, neck moving and finger pointed).  Ok, that's angry so let me calm down. First of all, I don't know why anyone is giving that writer one iota of their time.  You see, although it is not true about Shonda Rhimes, based on everything that I know about her, from what I've read,  from people who are close to her, who cares if it is?  Is anger an emotion that Black women can't have? Recently, I had to tell someone off  and honestly, angry is insufficient to describe me in that instance. I was absolutely fired up and I felt blessed that I was so intensely able to express my choice words with true anger.  It felt so good.  But, I digress.

     My only request from Shonda Rhimes is that while she keeps writing fabulously and providing us with premiere television showcasing beautiful Black sisters, can she let them show a little kink from time to time?  No, I am not talking about kink in terms of sex.   I am talking about kinks in terms of hair.

     So we have a sister named Kerry Washington (I read an article which stated that she is totally natural: http://longing4length.com/2013/05/kerry-washington-natural-hair.html) gracing our television screens in "Scandal." There is no doubt that she is an awesome actress.  But I would like to see what the power she brings to the table would be like if her hair was kinky on our television screens.  Maybe an afro or some braids would do.  It would just change everything to see that kind of radiant energy exuded from this sister.  Instead, we see this:

Interestingly, when she played a slave in Django Unchained, we saw this: 

     Why not show kinky hair in the power role instead of only in the oppressed role?  She looks equally beautiful with her natural hair and how significant it would be to tell all those watching that in a position of power, Natural IS Cool Enough.  She was very cute with her natural hair in the past and now, as our society watches Black women embrace natural hair, it would be more than cute. It would be powerful.
     Next, there is Viola Davis.  She has been one to make a statement about her natural hair.  She graced us with the "Big Chop" which was awesome and she said all kinds of lovely things about being natural. 

     These are photos that are very proud moments.  They just express "Look at me, I am naturally beautiful and proud."  Here is an article, which provides a glimpse of how she tackled this issue: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/26/viola-davis-hair-oscars_n_1302789.html  

But now with her new role, in which Shonda Rhimes is NOT the creator but one of the Executive Producers of the Show "How To Get Away With Murder, what we will be seeing, so it seems in terms of Davis's hair is this:

     Lastly, there is Chandra Wilson when she was on Grey's Anatomy and Audra McDonald, when she was on Private Practice.  Now honestly, I have not watched either of these two shows, so I can't say what actually took place with their hair  but from the images I see this:

     If it didn't happen I think it would have been nice to see Chandra Wilson in her white coat with her hair like this:
     As for Audra McDonald, what a statement it would have made if she was on Private Practice playing a doctor and instead of wearing her  her hair like this: 

She wore it like this:
  Imagine the powerful message that would have sent!

     So Shonda Rhimes, I'm glad that you stood up fervently, along with all of your supporters, and let the world know that you are not an "Angry Black Woman" and that being called such was totally inappropriate.  I also enjoy your work and you are indeed a phenomenal woman. But, for those shows that you create or are involved in executive producing, can the sisters show a little kink from a natural hair vantage point?  Imagine what those promo pictures would look like if they weren't like this:


But were like this...

The bottom line is that Natural IS Cool enough and sometimes an image of the beauty of our natural hair, exhibited within the context of strength and courage, is worth a billion words of power!

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Poison Ivy said...

When early during Dr. Bailey's residency she rocked box braids. I think she wore them in every flashback.