Friday, September 5, 2014

N.I.C.E. Will be Heading to NYC: Teachers College Columbia University, Get Ready for Getting Down to the Roots!

Naturalistas!  I'm quite excited because I'm gearing up to head to NYC to one of my Alma Mater's, in NYC to give one of my favorite presentations: "Getting Down To The Roots."  This presentation is all about the history of Natural Hair and I get deep as to what is going on and why sisters (and brothers) are choosing to or not to wear their hair naturally.  It's not a judgmental presentation because we all know that everyone has the choice to do their own thing with their hair, but it is exploratory dialogue.  I look at history, culture, the professional environment, chemicals and the impact on our hair, weave, culture and many other topics to explore this hair situation from top to bottom and viceversa, for and with brothers and sisters, and in this case at an Ivy League institution.  I have given this presentation in many venues and the dialogue is always fantastic so I am truly excited to do so at the place that provided me with the credentials that enable me to be called Doctor.  Also, new Nice T-shirts, are in progress for the occasion.  A contest will be offered so that one of the N.I.C.E. members of this blog can win one of these one of a kind light blue and black, v-neck t-shirts.  The information about this exciting event is below.

Natural Is Cool Enough is headed to NYC, my home and to an Ivy League Institution and one of my Alma Mater's, Teachers College Columbia University, which is definitely N.I.C.E.!

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