Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What If Blue Gets A Kiddie Perm Sanctioned by Beyonce and Jay-Z: Say It Isn't So!

Ok.  So it isn't so, thank goodness.  Blue is beautifully natural and truly that's N.I.C.E. I watched the MTV Music Awards recently and saw the performance by Beyonce.  I'm not going to get into analyzing her performance and whether she is the new leader in terms of feminism or not. Honestly, I have no thoughts that I want to share about that at all, at least not in this Blog space. But what I do want to discuss is Blue's hair. I'm always curious as to why Black mothers will have their hair straightened/weaved/dyed blonde while their children's hair remains beautifully natural. This has also been the case for Michelle Obama and her oldest daughter.  Malia often wears her hair in braids while Michelle Obama's hair is decidedly bone straight. This is a mere observation but perhaps it's telling in an interesting way.
Naturally Lovely Blue with her father, Jay-Z

So that brings me to the discussion of the kiddie perm.  It is so wonderful to see little Blue serving as a model of beautiful natural hair.  She was a beam of light of natural truth during her mom's performance as she sat like a little Black Princess on her famous father Jay-Z's lap, with her hair standing out in all of its glory. If her scalp were to be violated with a kiddie perm, that would be devastating.  You see, the reality is that what we see in the images below is what could happen with a kiddie perm:

Chances are, this kind of dramatic effect would not happen to Blue, because the kind of money that would most likely be spent on her hairdo would most likely be astronomical and the liability factor would be very high, if something went wrong.  Therefore, perhaps extra attention and care would be the case, in terms of the tresses of Blue, in the perming process.  But the average Black child may not be so lucky and destruction of hair follicles, loss of hairlines and hair breakage is a potential outcome.   To subject a child, or anyone to that matter, to the placement of harsh chemicals on her scalp, to change the texture of her hair to avoid the beautiful, curly, natural kinky hair that grows out of her scalp or under the guise of making it more manageable, is very problematic.  Natural hair, grown out of the scalp of Black children,  is in fact manageable.  To take care of it, what is needed is just time, attention and love, which is what we MUST provided to our children in every aspect of their lives.  They deserve it, without question.

Therefore, no matter what is being said about Beyonce in terms of some deeming her performances as salacious, her relationship with her husband Jay-Z, what went down in the elevator with Jay-Z and Solange and the entire saga of their lives, one thing that they are doing well without question, as parents, so far, is keeping Blue's hair beautifully natural and that is an indication that they know that Natural Is Cool Enough and that's N.I.C.E.!

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