Saturday, March 20, 2010

Taking Care of the Hair of Our Little Girls....Naturally

My "little girl"  is now 24 years old but when she was little, taking care of her thick, long, natural hair was a wonderful challenge. It was beautiful and I cherished it but I had to learn along the way without a lot of insight on how to manage it.  So, I have found a video that I think will be helpful as we continue our exploration of how to manage, style and continue to love and embrace our natural hair.  The link for the video is below. Hopefully, info. like this will help little Black girls from being subjected to the kiddie perm. The process shown can also be used on grown women's hair too.  Enjoy!



TheSistahChick said...

Hi Dr. Patti!

Thanks so much for referencing my video in such a positve manner. My daughter and I have since set up a Network for parents of children with natural hair.

I hope you check it out and feel free to pass the link along!

The SistahChick

Dr. Patti Rose said...

Hi SistahChick!

Love, love love your ournaturalkids site. Your network is excellent! I wish it was around when my daughter was little so I would have been able to have new ideas and talk with others about her beautiful natural hair. In any event, I hope you will keep N.I.C.E. members up-to-date about your work! You are doing something fabulous sistahchik!

Keep peace,

Dr. Rose